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Do I Need to Take a Vitamin Supplement?

There have been several reports in the scientific literature lately that have cast some doubt about the benefits of taking a vitamin supplement every day

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The Apple - by Michael Koger

The Romans and Egyptians introduced the apple to Britain; later it came to America. The pilgrims planted the first American apple trees in the Massachusetts Bay Colony

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miso soup

Miso – a Fermented Food from Japan

These days our diets are not limited to only the foods that are grown nearby. With modern transportation systems, foods from around the world are finding their way into

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Eat Healthy, Eat Less

Some of us eat to live while others live to eat, but it is becoming more and more apparent that perhaps we all are eating too much. The result of this over-eating is an epidemic of obesity

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Our Modern Diet

As we face epidemic numbers of people with obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, many people have started to question the role our modern diet plays on our health

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What are Functional Foods?

The term functional food has been a hot one in nutrition – health circles. Suddenly, we are being told that our food can be our medicine and, with the right choice of foods

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Which Soy Drink?

The baby boomer phenomenon is the topic of many books in terms of its impact on health care costs , music trends, fashions, pension plans, and many other facets of everyday life

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