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Mediterranean diet may slow diabetes progression
In a trial that followed participants for more than eight years, those following a so-called Mediterranean diet went significantly longer before needing diabetes medication and more of them had their diabetes go into remission, compared to those on a low-fat diet. …»

Obesity : The Myths
Much time and money have been spent on research to clearly identify the causes and possible effective treatments for obesity.... »

Chia Seed: A Superfood for the Ages
While many Americans know the word "chia" primarily from the popular terra cotta figurines featuring sprouts resembling animal fur or hair, the seed of the herbaceous Salvia hispanica plant, a flowering member of the mint family, is loaded with nutritional advantages.... »

Sugar? What Sugar?
It seems that three elements of our diet have become the target of people focused on healthy eating: salt, sugar and white wheat flour... »

Processed Foods and Nutritional Value
Every day we see new food products on the grocery shelf. Food manufacturers are constantly coming up with new ways of processing foods and combining foods in novel and tasty ways.... »

The Surprising Health Benefits of Pine Needle Tea
It’s probably a safe bet to assume that pine needles aren't the first thing people think of when the urge to brew a cup of tea arises... but …»

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