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Vitamin K

vitamin K

When it comes to listing nutrients that are important for good health and metabolism, vitamin K is not often at the top of most lists. But as the population ages, and bone health becomes more of a concern to many people, foods that are good sources of vitamin K may become more important in our diets.


More and more we are being encouraged to add colour to our plate. The complex chemical compounds that give colour to our vegetables and fruits also have possible health benefits

Sources of Gluten to be Avoided

Ingredients such as wheat that we would normally recognize now appear in different forms with different names

Chia Seed: A Superfood

While many Americans know the word "chia" primarily from the popular terra cotta figurines featuring sprouts resembling animal fur or hair, the seed of the herbaceous Salvia hispanica plant, a flowering member of the mint family, is loaded with nutritional advantages.... »

Radish & Beet Chutney

From Love Beets

Obesity : The Myths

Much time and money have been spent on research to clearly identify the causes and possible effective treatments for obesity.

Sugar? What Sugar?


It seems that three elements of our diet have become the target of people focused on healthy eating: salt, sugar and white wheat flour... »

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