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Foods that Starve Cancer

Sometimes, big break throughs happen when you look at a problem from a new perspective. Instead of asking why does a cancer grow, medical researchers asked how does a cancer grow. This led to

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Plant sterols and Blood Cholesterol

Reducing blood cholesterol is an objective that many people have set for themselves, very often after coming home from their doctor’s office where they have been given the news that they are

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Vitamin B12 Getting More Attention

Here’s a question for you: “What do salmon, herring, tuna, cod, sardines and trout all have in common?” All are fish. Some are freshwater fish, some are saltwater fish. All are good sources of omega

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Fueling the obesity epidemic

As the problem with obesity gets ever more evident, many are looking at what we are consuming that may be contributing to the problem. It appears that carbonated drinks may be contributing in part

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Which is Better - a Donut or a Muffin?

We all are trying to eat more healthy foods. More and more of our food is being prepared and consumed away from the home, and so it is often hard to know what is in the food we eat. But

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Satiety – Do You Feel Full Yet?

The human body is a complex machine which needs food to keep it running. The food we eat is used to produce energy that is used to keep us warm and also drives all of our metabolic functions

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Challenges of using glycemic index

The digestion and absorption of the sugar glucose is rapid. Absorbed glucose passes into the blood stream which causes a rise in blood glucose that can be measured. This rise in blood glucose

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