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~ January 2003 No.160 ~

As a new year begins, it is a good time for us at Medicinal Food News to take stock of our website. We are pleased to note that hits are up: we get anywhere from 500 to 1500 page requests per day and over 8000 different visitors per month. In order to continue to provide current and relevant news and information about functional foods to our main target group- the general public- we have decided to make a few changes. Certain sections of Medicinal Food News have been dropped. Gone are the conference dates and reports. We have also dropped resource intense areas such as maintaining our bulletin board as well as our affiliate programs and mailing list. We hope we now have a much more focused and user friendly site.

snapshot 2003

Over the past six years, Medicinal Food News has looked pretty much like it did when we started. In fact, visually there are only minor changes in the new site. However, there has been significant changes to the internal coding. Why? For one reason, to make my job, as Webmaster, easier. The site is coded to be XHTML compliant. We use style sheets to separate content from form and print media from screen media. We have done away with frames and eliminated tables used for formatting. All the nice looking graphic borders that added nothing to the site have been dumped too. This has helped reduce our large log files to less than half of their original size.

Many new security features have also been added. Some just to reduce spam and others to protect our loyal viewers (we have dropped our mailing list). I regret to say individuals have tried to hack into our site, sent numerous viral emails and denial of service attacks. I am not sure why. I would have thought food for health is not that controversial!

Benefits include fewer menus, minimal graphics for faster page loading, no page line runoff when printing, bookmarking any page- which was not possible in a frame setup, consistent format throughout the site, no banners advertising, and a selection of search engines to help you if you cannot find the information on our site.

We hope you like our new format and find it easier to use. We welcome your comments.

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