Questionaire 2

~ November 1999 No.87 ~

Thank-you for taking time to participate in our reader survey. Watch for the results in a future issue of Medicinal Food News.

A. To get information about foods that are good for my health I :
1. read popular magazines
2. watch science / health programs on the television
3. search the internet
4. ask friends
5. consult health professionals (medical doctor, dietician, nutritionist)

B. I regularly read food labels for the list of ingredients

C. I make an effort to buy (check one or more) :
1. foods low in fat
2. foods low in sugar
3. foods low in salt
4. foods without cholesterol
5. foods containing omega-3 fatty acids
6. foods containing polyunsaturated fatty acids

D. I regularly buy organic foods (at least one organic food / week)

E. Functional foods and genetically modified foods are the same thing

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