Questionnaire Results

~ September 1999 No.79 ~

The results of our first Medicinal Food News questionnaire have been tabulated. Our thanks to all of you who took the time to fill out the questionnaire. It should come as no surprise that our readers are interested in their health and are making diet decisions that involve adding specific foods believed to be good for health to their diet. Fully 93% of those who responded indicated that they believed changes to their diet could improve their health.

As the list of foods and food ingredients that are being researched grows, it is clear that the informed consumer is reading the reports and is making changes to her or his diet. 81% replied that they had made a conscious decision to include specific foods that are believed to be good for health to their diet. With the easy availability of the latest research results and publications like Medicinal Food News to interpret the significance of new findings, more and more people are taking their day to day health strategy into their own hands. People are finding that simple changes in their diets are not expensive, do not involve searching for strange or hard to find ingredients and, above all, the additions are tasty.

It would seem that our readers are more inclined towards functional foods rather than nutraceutics as only 61 % said that they regularly took a vitamin supplement. This may be a desire to go natural and use foods themselves rather than pills and capsules. However, for many reasons the use of supplements may be useful. In both cases the commitment has to be long term. The protective effects of functional foods and nutraceutics require intake of the protective agents over a long - often years - period of time.

What are people"s health concerns? As might be expected, cancer and heart disease topped the survey: 35 % of those that replied indicated that cancer was their main health concern, while 25 % were worried about heart problems. Arthritis concerns were at 15% were followed by vision at 12%. Menopause was indicated by 4% , AIDS by 3% and bone problems by 2%. This sort of data is valuable to us as we plan future articles.

Keep reading Medicinal Food News as your source of information on foods and food ingredients that are good for health.


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