One Year on the WWW

~ May 1998 No.41 ~

Medicinal Food News has been on the web for one year now. We are older and a bit wiser. But the one thing that we have learned is that there is a definite need for the type of information we are trying to provide. The feed back that we have been getting from our readers has been very positive. The one question that is uppermost in our minds is are we writing the articles at a level that is high enough to provide information but not so high that people are getting turned off by the complex science. We have received a couple of messages that we have aimed too low. These have been from universities for the most part. Everyone else seems to be happy. We hope that as time goes on, we will be able to slowly increase the level of the articles as our readership becomes more informed.

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Yes, the articles are short, but again the messages we have received have indicted that most people really only want about a page of information at a time. We have a minimum of complex graphs, figures or photos because often they are not understood and more importantly they slow down the transfer to your computer. We are all spoiled now, and if we are forced to wait even a minute or so for a page to come up, it is too long. The neat, clean, no frills look to our pages appeals to most readers.

As the months have gone by, we have been “discovered” by more and more people. We now average well over 4000 hits on the various pages of the site per month. Our stats package is able to tell us that there are months when readers from over 30 different countries have visited our site. This, more than anything else, has shown to us that Medicinal Food News has made an impact on the web.

The next year will be spent researching and writing even more articles about food and food ingredients that are good for your health. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Edward Farnworth
Editor in Chief
Medicinal Food News


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